Threading is an ancient technique of removing unwanted hair by using a piece of twisted thread.  In this technique the thread rolls over areas of unwanted hair, hence plucking the hair at the follicle level.  Of course it’s just not any thread, the thread we use is very fine and precise, as it is crucial in achieving the precision we need.


Eyebrows, Forehead, Upper Lip, Chin, Side Burns, …. in short, anything and everything from neck and above (with the exception of your head “no pun intended”).


Many of our clients are not aware of threading as an alternative to waxing their eyebrows.  We just don’t feel comfortable applying hot wax on your face especially around the delicate areas near your eyes (probably the most important and vital part of your body) or would you rather use a simple thread (mind you it’s as cool as a cucumber)?  We are licensed Cosmetologists so we can very easily wax your eyebrows instead of threading them, but we feel as a moral obligation to our clients we should do our best to educate them instead of taking the easy way out.  Our facial skin is very delicate, most often it’s also the most sensitive area.  Ripping waxing strips off your delicate skin, stretches your skin eventually cause wrinkling and premature signs of aging.  This is kind of counter productive because we spend so much time and money in keeping ourselves looking great and feeling healthy.

Most of the time, we are able to convince our customers to thread instead of waxing eyebrow. We charge less to thread than wax.  On some rare occasion when we are unable to convince them, in efforts to keep our customers happy, we oblige and wax may be an upper lip or side burns, etc. With threading, we can precisely control the thread, on how much, how little, how long, how short, etc., to thread, giving you most beautiful arches and shape.

When we started Thread A Brow, we visioned our success based on doing right by our customers and by waxing eyebrows we would be doing the exact opposite, so we just don’t do it.


Because it doesn’t make sense to threading other areas of your body; such as your arms, legs, bikini area and or full body waxing.  Can you imagine how long it would take, too long, not just by few minutes, it would take so long that we can’t even put a value or a multiplication factor.  Imagine someone trying to thread your under arms, or bikini area, I am sure you are dying of laughter (we are as we are writing it).  Rest of the body areas are too large and hard to reach in the manner we perform threading, so we opt for Waxing.  We have an amazing technique when it comes to waxing, as well and we can get you in and out in no time.


At Thread A Brow, our customers are everything to us, and we make it a point never to forget that.  Our customers are very much like us, so we are upfront and honest.  We don’t come up with elaborate stories our competitors come up with on their websites , such as how they “import special threads from India“, as they use the very best, etc. etc.  At Thread A Brow, we give you the honest truth, not only our competitors are not importing these “special” threads from India or anywhere else, but they buy it from the same place we do, from our local fabric store. How do we know this, it’s because we see them there all the time.  We may not be as articulate as our competitors in our choice of words but if you are anything like us, I doubt you wold appreciate it.

We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.  We are precise because we are good and we take our time, we ask you questions, we listen to your inputs and we try to give you an amazing service. Really, that’s it, that is all what we are about.