Yes! we do makeup and hair too.  We offer various makeup services, we specialize in Indian Bridal Makeup.  Color matching skin tones requires skills, color matching Indian skin tones is an art form.  It’s probably the most challenging and satisfying part of the trade.

There are plenty of makeup artists out there, what sets us apart is we take the worry out, on the most important day of your life so you can relax and enjoy your dream wedding.   We don’t just do the makeup, we also do the hair, dressing the bride, putting on all the accessories, we get you ready from “Head to Toe“.

One of the challenging aspects of preparing an Indian Bride is the outfit, they are complicated and could be worn in so many different ways.  They require pinning and the knowledge of how and where to pin so that your dress stays on all day, just the way it was when you first put it on (not to mention same goes for your hair). We specialize in art of saree draping as part of our “Head to Toe” service.

Here is a link displaying our Head to Toe work on an Indian Bride (“Charming” Charmi) we just prepared on December the 7th, 2014.

Please come in for a free consultation, we can go over our bridal packages or customize the one that fits your budget.