Threading is great for super delicate areas such as your face, eyebrows, upper-lips, but what about other parts of your body which simply cannot be thread? Why you may ask? That’s easy, areas such as arms, legs, back cover a large part of your body and they are not as sensitive such as your face.  The other reason why we don’t thread those areas, it’s because it would just take too long.  I doubt anyone these days have the time to spend with us all day trying to thread your arms, legs or back.

What kind of Wax do we use and Why?

We use Satin Smooth’s Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax. Because it protects our clients with the most sensitive skin from irritation and rashes. It’s formulated for clients with acne or blemish-prone skin, fair complexions, thin or young skin.  And if your skin type is neither of the above, you are still covered.


Waxing Services

  • Under Arms
  • Half Arms
  • Full Arms
  • Half Legs
  • Full Legs
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Bikini Line
  • Full Back
  • Full Body